Have you ever wondered why animal species become extinct? Many scientists believe that
a sixth mass extinction has begun, the first one ever caused by another species – Homo sapiens.

At this digital art exhibition you will meet three animals that went extinct in the last 20 years and travel to
their natural habitat. Western Black Rhino, recognized by the IUCN as extinct in 2011, Pinta Giant Tortoise that went extinct in 2012, and the Eastern Cougar that was officially declared extinct in January 2022. 

See the rhino walking from the woods to the dry savannah in Africa, the tortoise walking from the
coast into an exotic island in South America and the cougar walking from the forest to a desolate
landscape in North America. The trees and flowers are all specific species from where the animals
once lived. Touch the mama and a baby appears, you bring new life to earth. Touch the papa and
he turns frustratingly around. Interact with the animals and get to know them. 

Close to invisible cords run through the pictures reminding us of the hidden impact we have on
animals and the nature. Every day we consume and thus every day we impact. Should we
minimize our ecological footprint? And if so, to what extent?